The Sculpt menu, on the left side of the screen, is quite useful in our field. 

Sculpt has a wide range of brushes that allow you to:

  • push the mesh;
  • drag the mesh;
  • spike the mesh;
  • smooth the mesh;
  • increase/decrease the thickness of the mesh;

You can also change the shape of the brush if you need the mesh to have a different shade. 

The pictures above show the wide range of effects you can activate in the Sculpt menu. 

Remember, these brushes only work properly after you transform your object with Make Solid. 

Figure B

Figure B shows the result of the organic sculpture with brushes.
As you can see, we can organically modify the 3D object.
Sculpt is just a function inside MeshMixer, however, there are programs specialized in 3D sculpture, such as ZBrush and Sculptris.
MeshMixer is a quick and easy option when you need a rapid modification of your 3D file before the Slicing Phase.
In fact, you can touch-up your model, smooth and drag and increase the thickness of the facets.

Figure C

Figure C shows the Edit section of the selected area.
We can select certain areas of the model and modify them with a huge number of functions, such as Divide, Offset, Extrude, Modify, Increase/Decrease thickness, Delete.


Select the area you want to modify, then click on Separate.

This will allow you to isolate that part and to modify it according to your needs.





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