It’s essential to find the right printing temperature for the material you want to print.
With PLA and similar, it doesn’t matter the perfect accuracy of the temperature, because it has a broader range of possible heats.
On the other side, there are different types of materials that require a specific number. Generally, these kinds of elements are more technical and performing, where even 5 degrees make a difference.

Nozzle Temperature

It’s the temperature of the material when it gets extruded.

Idle nozzle Temperature

It’s the lower temperature the printer reaches

Bed temperature control

We decide whether to activate or deactivate the build plate temperature.

Build plate temperature

The build plate degrees

Fan control

It activate/deactivate the fans.

Fan activation delay

We can choose which layer the fan starts to cool down the material.

Default fan speed

The standard fan speed

Support fan speed

The fan speed during the printing process.

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