There are three ways to make your 3D entity attached to the building platform and are brim, raft, and simply the solid.


The brim is made up of external lines that are attached to the 3D solid, as you can see in the picture above.
The two lines are the ones the printer creates at the beginning of its job.

Generate Brim

We can choose to activate/deactivate the brim during the slicing phase.

Print a brim on the inner edge

The printer can create an inner brim, generally, you choose this option when you print words.

Brim tracks

We can choose the number of lines for our brim.

Brim layers

You decide the thickness of the brim, meaning how many layers of brim you want it to have, for example, 2 or 3 layers with the brim.


The raft is a structure that “supports” the base of the object.
The difference between brim and raft is that the brim is attached to the perimeter of the object, the raft is a structure created to support better the 3D entity.

Generate Raft

You activate or deactivate the raft


You can set the gap between the raft and the 3D object. As always, it depends on what kind of material you’re using.

X-Y Inflation

The raft increase in size according to the millimeters you set.


Shows the number of the base layers

Base layer height

It’s the height of the layers of the 3 first layers. Generally, they’re printed abundantly.

Base track width

Set the size of the lines of the raft.

Top layers

The number of the top layers that are part of the raft

Top layer height

Set the size of top layers raft lines.

Top track width

Set the size of the lines in the final layers of the raft.

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