In this article, we’ll see some general Canvas settings. 

Inside Projects Settings there are:

  • Extrusion Width;
  • Extrusion Multiplier;
  • Gap Fill;
  • Gap Fill Threshold;
  • Retraction Distance;
  • Retraction Speed

Extrusion Width

It’s the distance between a line and the other. With a line of 0.4 mm, the distance between the lines will be 0.4 mm. This parameter is, usually, set according to the nozzle: if the nozzle is 0.4 mm, then the extrusion width is 0.4 mm. 

Extrusion Multiplier 

The flow is how much material you want your machine to lay down when it works. Sometimes, this parameter is set on 100%, but other times the percentage varies. This is because of many factors, like the aesthetic component. 

It’s an important parameter that can make a difference. The nozzle is to be set accordingly to the shape and volume of the article you want to create. 

For example, printing something with 100% infill requires a slightly lower flow, like 98/96%. On the other side, printing large things with a more moderate infill requires a flow somewhat higher.
Summing up: the flow can vary from 95 to 105% and define how much material is set down.

Gap Fill

Sometimes, this parameter is useful when there are quite small passages to fill, like 0.2 mm gaps. This parameter helps to fill them.
Gap Fill Threshold
With this parameter, the printer fills the gap that is bigger than the set threshold. Otherwise, if the gap is smaller, it won’t be filled.
Using this parameter may require higher flow.

Retraction distance

This parameter retracts the filament just before the extruder moves to the other side of the entity. This way, there is no extrusion while it moves.
The printer withdraws the filament according to how much mm we set in this parameter.
Based on what kind of printer and extruder you have, this number changes.
With a direct extruder, the range varies from 2 to 3 mm. With the Bowden extruder, it starts from 6 to 7,5 mm (also according to the length of the PTFE)

Retraction Speed

The retraction has also speed and it’s usually from 30 to 40mm/s

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