Previously, we saw that the function Make Solid changes the geometry of the object. Now, let’s see how to locally increase or decrease facets, where it is needed. 

It can happen to need a local higher item resolution. You’ll have a better quality where you need it, without increasing the whole 3D object dimension. 

Let’s introduce a new function: Sculpt. 

Thanks to its brushes, Sculpt allows you to modify the facets. 

Size increases or decreases the working area of the brush; 

Strength increases or decreases the energy of the brush. 

With this function, we can modify the mesh only where it is needed. 

Sometimes, you may need more mesh in a specific corner and less in another part of the object. Sculpt allows you to decide where to modify the facets and how much mesh to add. 

Attention: click on keyboard W to display the lines on the object the same way you see in the picture above.

Now, let’s see Refine and Reduce

This is what happens when you increase the facets density with Refine:

And this happens when you reduce the density of the facets:

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