Supports are structures that are used to support parts of the 3D object during the printing process. They are not part of the model. Once the job is over, you need to remove supports.

Generally, you activate or deactivate it based on what is the geometry of the 3D entity.
You can create stronger or weaker supports by changing some parameters.

Generate Support

You can enable or disable supports. As I said before, it all depends on what is the geometry of the entity. It has overhangs, supports are needed. Generally, every angle over 65 degrees needs supports.


You can use standard parameters, which are already pre-setted.

Maximum unsupported overhang angle

It decides where and when to place supports when there’s a 90-degree angle.
We set it 65 degrees, the printer creates supports in the 65-90 degrees range and the remaining 0-64 degrees won’t be supported.

Support Volume

It calibrates the density of the supports, from 0% ( total void) to 100% (extremely solid supports)

Support angles per layer

Like the infill, here you can choose between triangles, lines or grid as for the support type.

Print support raft

The printer creates a special type of supports for the raft.

Support X-Y gap

It increases or decreases the gap between the supports and the 3D entity.

Support track width

It’s helpful for the supports removal phase. It calibrates the material extrusion to weaken the support structure.

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