Today we’re gonna see Canvas general settings, used as a monochromatic slicer. 

Inside the General menu we’ll find:

  • Shell Thickness;
  • Solid Layer Speed;
  • Travel Movement;
  • Z Travel Speed;
  • Number of Perimeters;
  • Perimeter Order;
  • Perimeter Speed;

Shell Thickness

This parameter defines the top and bottom of the 3D object, every part that builds the first and last layer. For example, take a cube. The higher and lower parts, that close the cube, are the upper and lower layer. 

Layer Level: 10

There is no standard number because they vary according to the geometry of the 3D entity and to various other parameters. 

The upper layer is critical when you have a void device. For example, if your entity has a 6% infill, then the closing layers must be thicker, set many perimeters and a general low infill for the rest of the object. 

If your object needs an infill of 100%, then, in this case, the closing layers don’t matter. 

There are times when the % of infill has a direct consequence on the aesthetic part of the entity. For example, think about translucent or transparent materials. 

Also, for conical and circulars objects. Deactivating the top layer is fundamental if you want to avoid your perimeters to have stains of different colors. 

Objects such as lampshades are better created when you deactivate the top/bottom layer and when you avoid infills near the perimeters. 

Solid Layer Speed 

The solid layer speed is how fast the printer usually goes when working in standard conditions. This parameter sets the printing speed unless there are other factors. 

Usually, it goes from 20mm/s to 65mm/s.
Besides the layer speed, we can operate on more specific parameters such as infill, perimeter, top, bottom speeds. 

Travel Movement

The speed the printer needs to go from one point to another without extruding. Usually, before moving, the printer retracts the filament, then goes to the other side of the object.
This movement is faster than the normal printing speed. It varies from 90 m/s to 150 mm/s.

Z Travel Speed

It’s how fast the printer moves on the z-axis. Set the standard value, just as Canvas suggests.

Numer of Perimeters

Perimeters are the shell of the object. The object’s boundary is made up of 2 perimeters, shells. There is the interior perimeter and the external perimeter.
If you have got a medium/large object, the use of the perimeters is to make it stronger and robust.
For small articles, it’s best to set a few perimeters and a large infill, for example, 1 perimeter and 100% infill.
Thanks to these expedients, we can create thin objects that are very strong,
Let’s take an example: you can print solid 0.7 mm plates with a 0.2 mm nozzle. Perimeters 0.2 and 100% infill.

Perimeter speed

Usually, this parameter is set lower when the standard printing speed is very high.

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