Up until now, we’ve seen how to select and manage an object.  

Now let’s see how to move and scale it.  

When you first load a file, nothing is selected in there.  

If you click and drag a part of the object, it’ll move to where you want to.  

Do you want to move more than a single thing? No problem, hold together shift and click on the objects you want to select and move.  

The selected ones will have a black outline, as you can see in the picture.  

Now we can move them where we want, inside the program.  

Just click on the part, then move it. Remember to not let go of your hold.  

Like many other 3D programs, Tinkercad as well has got the “transformation” option.  

You can scale it, keeping a proportional ratio. You can also rotate it.  

Hold together Shift while changing the object’s dimensions to keep the proportional ratio.  

To rotate it, you can use the rotation icon near the selected object.  

As you can see, a numbered grill appears. It shows the angles of the rotation. 

Secondary axis rotation

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