MeshMixer can signal every error inside the 3D model.

Click on Analysis > Inspector

Sometimes, you create a good looking 3D model, but then, it turns out it has some mistakes, that’s why it’s impossible to print.

No, let’s see 3 essential rules, kind of 3D modeling must-knows: 

Rule N.1

The model must be free of holes. The inner and outer parts must be detached. A hole can be a bonding element, that’s why the software will signal it as an error. 

Rule N.2

The inner part of our model must be one and only surface. No lines nor facet can be inside it. 

Rule N.3

Facets have on one side the inner part and, on the other side, the outer one. 

A facet with 2 inner sides just doesn’t exist. 

The can be only one inside (the pink part) and one outside (the gray one).

Let’s see the following simple example:

As you can see, there’s a hole in the 3D model. The blue mark signals the error. We can repair it by clicking on Auto Repair All

The hole will be closed thanks to a simple triangulation, linking together all the open marks. 

3D Printing model must have a non-connected inner and outer part. 

However, Auto Repair All does not always work. If your model is severely compromised, you’ll need a new mesh computation. We’ll see it in the future. 

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