let’s deepen the knowledge fo these printer settings
Track Width

Usually, 3D printers have got a 0.4mm nozzle, meaning the width of the track is 0.4mm. However, the nozzle can be changed as well as the track width.

Layer Height

Rule: the layer height cannot be thinner than 0.06mm and it cannot be thicker than 3/4 the nozzle size. 

With a 0,4mm nozzle you can set:

  • 0.1mm layer height for high quality;
  • 0.2mm layer height for medium quality;
  • 0.3mm layer height for low quality;

As we already know, layer height and quality have a direct influence on the printing speed.

Extrusion Multiplier

I consider the Extrusion Multiplier one od the most relevant settings in the slicer software. You have the possibility to calibrate the % flow, this way you adjust the amount fo material pushed inside the 3D entity.

For example: given a certain object, printing it with Extrusion Multiplier 1 means it’ll weight 10 grams. Changing the value to 0.95, the object will weight 9.5 grams. Again, changing it into 1.1, the very same object will weight 11 grams.
The variation is due to the amount of material being pushed inside the object.

Enable retraction

Retraction is the recoil movement of the filament necessary to prevent dripping of material during movements and displacements that the vacuum extruder performs during 3D printing.
This means when the extruder goes from point A to point B in a non-extruding movement, no filament comes from it.
It’s done to avoid filament jams or strips, which can increase post-processing time and flaws on the object. There are occasions, when there’s too much retraction, that the Hotend doesn’t work correctly or the draw screw gets too dirty with the filament.
This is why sometimes it’s better to deactivate the Retraction, or, at least, leave it when there are parts that really require it

Retraction Threshold

It’s possible to set a value under which the retraction never activates. Usually, this number is 1mm. It’s possible to increase the Retraction threshold to avoid useless retractions.
Reminder: the retraction is always on when the extruder shifts from point A to point B, during which there is no filament deposition.

Retraction Distance

Material filament gets drawn back inside the Hotend for as long as it takes to reach 1.5 mm filament. It means, the printer retracts 1.5mm of filament before moving to the opposite point.

Enable Z-Hop

As the name says, it’s a sort of hop made by the cartridge right before a movement. With PLA material, it’s not really a necessary setting, if not for rare exceptions.
I suggest you enable it when using other materials, to avoid errors during the printing job.

Z-Hop Threshold

Same concept as the Retraction Threshold.

Z-Hop Distance

The distance on the Z-axis when it hops. I set it for 0.25mm.

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