Clicking on Scene, a drop-down menu will display many options:

Clean Scene can delete every entity in the workspace, like a reset. There are many Adds; with them, you can easily and quickly add other entities such as spheres and cylinders that help you build your project.
When we import one 3D entity, it may create a bit of confusion in the workspace, since the entity can be made up of a group of 3D objects. Hence, they may overleap.
You can quickly move them by just clicking on them and dragging away.
When you choose an entity, it becomes a brilliant pink color. When the item is darker, it means it’s not picked.
Isolate can hide the non-selected objects so that only the bright pink one remains.

The options under the Extra section can help you visualize the entity.
Darken Unselected, as the word says, gets the unselected object darker.
Show Contour activates the outline of the entity.
Show Grid activates/deactivates the grid that represents the printing plane.
Show Mirror Line makes it easier to sculpt with perfect symmetry. You can even move the symmetry line.

Next to the Scene button, there’s History where you can undo or redo something, a.k.a CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y.

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