How can we set up the 3D printer in Canvas?

Before we see how to create the Gcode, let’s see how to set up properly the 3D printer in Canvas, modifying the printing area and nozzle.
Some parameters can be programmed before entering the slicing section because they define the machine.
The last lesson we logged in Canvas and we started setting it up.

Let’s click on the Edit printer button.

A window opens, where you can modify your 3D printer.

We can manage up to 4 extruders. If you changed your nozzle, this is the right window to modify the nozzle diameter.
It’s crucial to change the 3D printer nozzle when the 3D entity requires it. For example, if you are printing small objects, you need a 0,2mm nozzle. If you are printing an object that takes a long time, then you need a 0,8 mm nozzle. This way you’ll faster the printing.

In the third window, we can set up the bed size and its home.
For example, if you own an Ender, you can set the bed size up to 200x200x250 mm. The Creality profile will do, even if there’s only the CR10S model.

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