Tinkercad has a great exporting algorithm that automatically corrects mesh errors.  

You can choose between a huge variety of geometries to start creating your 3D model with, like cylinders and cones and squares and so on.  

These are all correct forms; they don’t have construction errors.  

In the 3D printing field, it is pretty common to have errors in the .stl file;  

errors like: the weight of the file and the incompatibility between file formats.  


Its Algorithm

This program has the right algorithms for those who need to export a file for the 3D printer.   

Let’s see better how it works:  

These two 3D models are the same, but they are placed in two different softwares. The model is made up of 4 symmetric rings.  

We export them and then we place them into Cura3D. The result is this:  

Cura 3D Slicing Software

Tinkercad’s file is good, but MeshMixer’s one is corrupted. Cura sees the errors in the slicing view.  

This means that Tinkercad works better at exporting files for the 3D printer.  

If you import the two files into MeshMixer, you’ll notice that Tinkercad’s is the only one that doesn’t have structural problems:

 This lesson is essential in order to understand how these programs work. 

I suggest you work with both Tinkercad and MeshMIxer programs.

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