Now, let’s see better how this software works. In the menu bar, starting from the left side, we can find:

  • Files (import/export);
  • Shene History;
  • Background;
  • Camera;
  • Tablet Pressure;
  • Extra UI.

On the right side, we have 3 drop-down menus where we can find:

  • Rendering;
  • Topology;
  • Sculpting & Painting; 

Files (Import/Export)

Laying the cursor on the File menu will open it up as follows:

You can import the following file formats: OBJ, SGL, PLY and STL. It’s useful when you want to work on 3D models created by someone else and you want to touch ‘em up a bit. For example, if you want to change the meshes of an entity created with another software.
In the following figure, you can see a 3D entity created by someone and imported into Sculpt GL ready to be modified.

Inside the section Import, you can find the check sRGB vertex color on, which assigns each vertex a color. It’s an important function because most of the time, STLs do not have information such as the color, rather they have the vertex position and the normals.
It’s possible to export an entity in OBJ, SGL, PLY and STL formats.

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