A Slicer is a program that slices the 3D entity. It creates horizontal layers and then, layer after layer, you obtain the 3D thing. 

You can access the program through this link

The first thing you need to do is to register. Given the fact that this is an online program, you need to enter some information to create your account.

Enter your Data

Canvas Main Screen

That’s what you’ll see after the registration. Let’s create a new project.

Before building your first project, you need to specify what kind of 3D printer you own. Click on Add Printer and choose your device.

After setting up the machine, you’ll be asked if you want to: 

  •  choose from profile presets;
  • import from a different slicer;
  •  start from a blank profile. 

Click the first option. We’ll choose from profile presets, and eventually, we’ll modify the parameters according to what kind of entity we’ll import.

Choosing the Machine

If you’re new here and didn’t follow my previous articles about slicing, you might think that it’s not possible to create a Gcode for our printer (that it’s not in the list). 

That’s why, if you learned my previous lessons, you already know Gcode can be read by any 3D printers. 

Machines vary in appearance and accessories, but their “brain” and hardware are kinda the same. 

If you have got a 3D printer that it’s not on the list, start with the preset Creality. 

Click on Not using a Palette. You can change it later.

Coming up next: how to modify and set-up the 3D Printer

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