Pathio is another slicer for 3D printing. A slicer is an essential program for creating Gcode, which is the file format read by the printer.

Click here to go to the Pathio website and click on Download.
This Pathio course follows the latest beta release.
When you install Pathio, it asks you which kind of printer you use. I enter Ender 3.
You can change the printer settings anytime by clicking on the button next to Help. In my case, the button is Ender 3

Click on Edit Printer so that you can access the printer settings, like Geometry, Motion, Scripts, Extruder and so on.

Here you can configure the volume of the printer:
X 220 mm is the width.
Y 220 mm is the length.
Z 250 mm is the height.
If you need the printer to start in a specific position, you can set an offset.
We are slowly but surely getting closer to the Plug and Play system.
Choose your printer and let’s get started.

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