Sometimes, when you find a 3D file, you notice that it can be divided into a certain number of parts

A group of models is nothing more than a 3D model, that seems to be a unique piece, but then you find out it can be divided thanks to the Divide button. 

Click on the item you want to divide. Then, click on Separate Shells. 

This way, you block every group inside your 3D model. 

Can we always separate our files? Nope, sometimes it’s just not possible to divide the object into smaller parts. 

One of these cases is when you’re working with complex architectural models. Due to the high presence of details, the program may crash. 

Let’s see a quick example:

select the Rabbit model (it is inside the program). With Plane Cut, let’s divide it into 2 parts, one horizontal and one vertical. 

This way, we’ll have a 4 parts separation. 

Now, we can click on Separate Shells, to split the Rabbit into 4 different 3D models. 

Congrats! You started from 1 single unique figure, and now you have 4 distinct parts! 

Why use MeshMixer to divide the items? 

This software can read the meshes well. That’s why I recommend you to use it for basic changes, be them splits or removals. 

Another thing you can do inside MeshMixer is to export the divided parts as .stl files

When I receive complex 3D files (for example, scale models), I can divide it into smaller parts and export them. This way, it’ll be easier to print.

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