During the last intense months, I’ve been wondering what this tool was: 

Palette2 by Mosaic

It’s called Palette2 by Mosaic

Finally, I found some time to gather information on how to properly use Palette2. 

This is how I ended up learning about how to utilize Canvas, the program that manages Palette2. 

Canvas is a valid slicer for 3D printing. You’ll be able to fully use this new software after a long series of prints and a good read of my articles on this website. 

It’s important to have solid foundations to build an educational path and to do a good job. 

You’ll find many courses on this website dedicated to Cura 15.04 that will explain to you the foundations of slicing, making it easier for you to follow my lessons about Canvas. 

Canvas can export starting from 1-material Gcode up to 4-material Gcode. 

From what I’ve understood, Canvas was developed primarily to manage Palette+ at its best. 

Slicer Canvas

The picture above shows the layers view inside Canvas. There is also the key that displays what the colors stand for.

As you can see in the picture above, we can even set printing parameters for our entity.
They are general parameters, such as layer height, extrusion, infill, temperature, cooling, the first layer, the supports, and the color transition.

Coming up next: how to enter Canvas. You don’t need to download it, it’s online.

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