Palette 2 works well with any Open 3D printers already available.
Users would load up to four filaments into the Palette, which would then splice them together into a single filament string, taking your printing experience to the next level.
You can use different combinations of rigid, soluble and flexible filaments.
It is possible to print rigid filament + flexible filament to obtain better material and chromatic results.

You don’t need to use their slicing software to make Palette work.
You can simply create your gcode and then, load it into specific software, whether it is Chroma or Canvas, that creates the colors transitions

It loads up to 4 filaments, but you can choose between a wide range of hues made from the filaments.

Palette 2/PRO was made by a young Canadian team called Mosaic Manufacturing.
Previously, they created Palette+ and it was a huge success. With their latest release, they were able to create a completely new product that is easy to use and set up.

Basically, Palette 2 allows you to combine different colors and materials in one extruder.
Luckily, you can use your slicer to create the Gcode. Then, if you want to create the shades, you need to load your Gcode into another software (like Chroma) to create colors.
This device has a “Splice Core”. As the name suggests, it’s a component that slices the filament and fuses it together with another strand, creating different shades.

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