In this lesson, we’ll see what to do when there’s a mistake in the 3D-model during the slicing process. 

We’ll see how MeshMixer works thanks to a simple analysis and correction process. 

How do we analyze a .stl file?

It’s important to properly analyze the object because we can see where the errors are so that we can correct them. 

Let’s take a model with missing facets.

Import the model into MeshMixer, then on the left side look of the screen look for Analysis > Inspector

This will highlight some marks with different colors, and according to how serious the problem is, the color changes between: blue and pink and red.

The colored lines point at where the problem is on the object. 

The more error marks you have, the more the autocorrection is more likely to fail. 

Sometimes, correcting mesh-related problems is just not possible, due to the extreme complexity of the object. 

MBearable Error Example

Minor error – .stl File

The 3D model can have small and bearable errors inside. After the Analysis, you’ll notice that some parameters can be modified so that the software auto-corrects the errors. 

Small Thresh is our tolerance value during the analysis. 

Auto Repair All corrects automatically the problems of the object. 

Click Done to accept the changes. 

You’ll notice how the software corrects the mistakes of the object. 

Another important thing is to check, inside the slicer program (i.e. Cura 3D 15.04), the layers view. 


The ideal is to import the corrupted model into MeshMixer only when you notice the error in the slicing view phase.
You can avoid importing your file if the Slicer shows no signs of error in the model.

Correct File Example – Slicer: Cura 3D 15.04 minor error

As we said before, this is crucial to understand what kind of error your corrupted file has.
It may be a missing layer or a mistake during the slicing phase.

Now let’s see what happens when the error is major.

Major Error – .slt File

Cura 3D: major and minor errors

Not every slicer program works the same way. For Example, Idea Maker can recognize the error and warn you about it. 

Idea Maker Slicing Software


What to do before analyze and correct a .stl model?

What kind of error may happen during the slicing phase?

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