What can we do if the .stl is corrupted? 

Before you print your object, you need to make sure your 3D file is correct. 

If your 3D model is imprecise, I’ll show you how to adjust it. 


This is the program we’ll use. 

MeshMixer (download HERE) allows you to correct some mesh-related problems on the .stl file. 

This software can analyze and correct and modify a 3D .stl file. 

These functions are useful to print the object the correct way.  

This phase is crucial because if you manage to get your file back, then you won’t have to do it again. 

We’ll see how to:

  1. Analyze;
  2. Select;
  3. Boolean union;
  4. Separate;
  5. Cut;
  6. Hole-closing 
  7. Make Solid;
  8. 3D file weight;
  9. mesh increase/decrease;
  10. Simple Sculpture; 
  11. Level-management. 

Thanks to MeshMixer, you’ll be able to open your 3D .stl files and see it as a group of meshes.

What is a mesh? It is is a network that is formed of cells and points. 

1 mesh = 1 facet

meshes = the whole network of facets. 

Sometimes you may think MeshMixer is not that useful of a program, but I can assure you, it will solve your file-related problems on its own!

This way, you can easily print near any type of file, be them downloaded or sent by your friend. 

MeshMixer is pretty quick at solving complex mesh problems; other softwares may take more time to correct it. 

Now, let’s see how to move around inside MeshMixer:

Install and open it and create a sphere: 

Rotating the camera: hold right-click on the mouse and move it. 

Moving on the axis: click on the mouse wheel. 

Do you have problems moving around? You can set your preferences as follows: File > Preferences > Navigation Mode, just like this:

Answer the question. Rephrase your answers. Don’t copy-paste them! 

What is the phase before printing? 

Why do we analyze the 3D .stl before printing? 

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